3D Modeling: Water Vessel

3D Prototype: Water Vessel

Final project for Products Studio. Used foam modeling, sketches, and iterative low fidelity prototyping to create a prototype for a water vessel.

Prompt: Create a water vessel thinking about the collection, storage, and distribution of water in mind. Final deliverable had to be a vessel that conveyed the way water was to be handled using foam as a medium.


Final Prototype in Use

I decided to create a vessel meant to be used to collect condensation in dry climates. Many times in places with little water sources, people have to travel for miles everyday in order to collect water. I looked specifically in a village in Sub-Saharan Africa to develop a condensation vessel that can be placed around in areas close to the village and easily transported back for use.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 2.29.57 PM.png

Final Prototype

Created from foam and painted white.

Stackable in various sizes for ease of transport (prototypes not to scale)

Stackable in various sizes for ease of transport (prototypes not to scale)

new doc 2018-12-11 14.08.20_1.jpg
new doc 2018-12-14 00.07.38_8.jpg
new doc 2018-12-14 00.07.38_7.jpg

Spreads taken from my sketchbook in the process of the project

Final Video showing development process