Acrylic Paintings



One of my favorite mediums to use when I'm working is acrylic paint. Here are some examples.


DISTANT: A dream 16X20

This piece is meant to show the light that lies within an individual. What I mean by this is the idea that a child’s imagination and curiosity will always be part of an individual.In this painting I wanted to show my childhood: all the hours spent in the grass, surrounded by the fantasies of glorious colors and lollipops. Everyone's childhood is different– but no matter whose childhood it is, one thing remains the same: childhood does not last forever. But even though the years spent in childhood are as limited by time as a jack in the box, the fantasies, the dreams, the memories, that a child’s mind creates stays like a beacon throughout life. 


Submerged 20x20

This painting is meant to show a mall, a place that was once frequented and appreciated by society, in a state of disarray. With trash on the floor and the mall situated underwater, I wanted to show that someday the places that we are familiar with may not be accessible to us anymore if we don't take care of our environment. The reason the painting is separated into three pieces is to show the broken nature of the scene. I put the escalator as a main focus to show that there can be steps taken to bring the environment back up to the light.
My product, the USEEK, can be seen in the far corner as a nod to the importance of environmental awareness.


Smallest Form of Electricity 16x20

This painting is meant to depict two different neuron cells and how they connect to each other and to different cells. I wanted to show how everything connects, how each action is formed by the millions of microscopic cells within our bodies. Even the smallest living forms of life have a certain beauty to them and I attempted to convey this beauty and electricity in the painting.


Text in Environment 18x24

Acrylic on panel and newspaper. This was one of the hardest pieces I've attempted within my portfolio. An assignment in a class, my teacher wanted us to mimic the style of illustrator Borbay, who at the end of the project would judge the whole class' paintings. This painting I attempted was his number one choice, and he complimented the flow and layout that I used within the painting. For me, the colors within the text and environment were difficult to manage as was the accuracy of the text, with its ridges and curves. The Phipps Conservatory is one of the only buildings in the world that is entirely self sufficient, producing its own energy. The efficiency of this building is something I want my products to have. I want them to be flexible, innovative, functional, and efficient, like the building portrayed within the painting.


Faces of the Same Ocean 14x32 

Modeled after a drop of milk into water, I wanted the large drop of water to represent the ocean, and include faces of every nationality within the drop. This is to show that everyone is connected by one ocean, by one being, and all people should act as such. I wanted to show a contrast between the background and the foreground through color to show the differences among people. But the colors within the drop are similar, representing the same ocean.
This piece was selected as Fan Favorite in the National Congressional Art Competition in 2016.