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Animal Project


endangered animal project

For this project we had to choose an endangered animal from our state, in my case I decided to go with a fairy shrimp, also known as an anostraca

For the first part of the project, we had to create a 3D rendition of the animal using recycled plastics.  For the second part of the project, my fairy shrimp would be depicted in a 2D digital form, giving the reason for it endangerment as well as addressing the environment where our animal resides


final iteration of fairy shrimp

In this stage of the project, we were to collect recyclable plastic containers and form a recognizable form out of the plastic. In addition to creating the form of the animal, it also had to be interactive, and in order to accomplish this effect, I decided to use rubber bands throughout the animal so that it would be able to move similarly to the actual animal.


Research and Process Sketches to Model 3D Form

first prototype

My first prototype is the smallest out of all of my iterations. With this iteration I was primarily trying to understand the underlying structure of the shrimp as well as how to work with the material I was given. 


second prototype

The second iteration was the largest prototype I did, and I began to explore the interaction my final prototype would have, by implementing the brass brads throughout the animal. After this iteration, I decided to scale down, especially since the shrimp looked too large in proportion to its actual size.


2d digital iteration of animal

In this stage of the project, we were to use Adobe Illustrator to create a visual that would effectively communicate the animal in its environment as well as provide the reason for its endangerment through text. I decided to show both the scale of the shrimp as well as the reason for its endangered status through the use of color. 

Sketches and Paper Cut Out Process for 2D Iteration

Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 12.13.56 AM.png

first iteration

My primary iterations followed the directions my sketches were taking at the time. But instead of focusing on the habitat and the animal itself, I began to stylize the environment and the message I was trying to convey wasn't coinciding with the visuals.

second iteration

I decided to completely change the topic of my design and focus more on the scale of the shrimp itself as well as show the reason for its decline in population.

Scan 1.jpeg