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3D Prototyping: Arduino Petal Lamp


arduino blooming flower lamp

A final project in the Maker Series class, we designed a lamp that mimicked the shape and actions of a flower in the morning. This project was meant to test our knowledge of Arduino, Solidworks, as well as our ability to use 3D printers/lasercutters

motion/proximity sensor and petal's movement

Lamp contains a motion sensor that changes the color of the light depending on the proximity of the object.

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flower lamp ideation

At the primary stages of the project we wanted to change the color of the light depending on the temperature surrounding the lamp, however, because the outside temperature wouldn't fluctuate enough in a short amount of time, we decided to use a motion sensor instead.

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solid works file for the box/lasercutting

Created a box considering the motion sensor as well as the detailing that would be featured on the box post-lasercuting.

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