Form Exploration: Packaging


wiffle ball packaging

Designed packaging for Wiffle Balls using only bristol paper and no adhesive. Had to build a suitable package for the item we've selected, keeping aesthetics and the form of the item in mind. A personal goal of mine was to focus on the playful aspect of the wiffle balls, using accessibility and portability to my advantage in the packaging form.


final iteration of wiffle ball packaging

With my final iteration I wanted the packaging to hold the balls but not completely obscure them. The packaging had to make the balls readily accessible and invite the user to take out the wiffle balls. 


first iteration

With my first iteration I primarily attempted to measure the size of the circumference of the ball and use the material of the conservation board to clamp the different sides together. This didn't end up working well and I needed to figure out a different way to secure the balls. 


second iteration

The second iteration primarily consisted of me varying the different sizes of the holes of the ball, revealing more of the sphere in some holes while revealing less in others. This iteration was primarily an experiment for my next attempt.

third iteration

The third iteration was my first attempt at weaving two different sheets of paper together to connect them–achieving the goal of using not adhesive material and allowing the balls to be readily taken out. 

Experimenting with Form and Aesthetics: Sketchbook and Prototypes

Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 8.24.16 PM.png