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Plant Project

plant project

The notorious plant project completed in my Visualizing course first semester. In this project we analyzed the importance of composition and selection of detail when an important component of effective communication of an image was taken out: tone. Throughout this project, I constantly explored the idea of whether the object I was drawing had enough "plant-ness" and what that word meant/ how could that answer be applied to my work. 


research on plant

I decided to draw the Passion Flower, a plant I found at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

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first iteration

In the first iteration I didn't experiment a lot of with depth but was more focused on understanding the plant forms and how to show that in silhouette form.

Process Work up to Final Iteration

fourth iteration

For the fourth iteration I decided to make the square at the top more detailed, showing more of the fine detail of the plant vines. I still didn't experiment enough with conveying depth and used very little overlap.

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final iteration

For the final iteration I experimented more with overlapping the different elements of the plant.

plant process1.jpg