UX/UI: Social Stories App


social trails: a social stories app

This past year, I had the chance to work with my team in Design for America to create an app geared towards helping children with autism through social situations that can be a source of anxiety. Working primarily with the Autism Society of Pittsburgh, we are still coding as I create the visuals for the app. 

Within a market with a number of social help apps for children, we wanted our app to appeal more to children. By offering different options or directions for the subject to choose, therapists and parents are able to see how the child would react under certain situations. In addition to customizing the answer choices and situations, the user can customize the app to fit the child's specific actions. 

Rough Storyboarding on Procreate

Rough Storyboarding on Procreate

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.07.31 PM.png

sample of one of the social story scenes

In each of the story screens, a visual and a number of choices will be placed on the screen. The child will choose on of the three choices and the next screen would either congratulate them for their choice or tell them what would be the recommended choice in the future. 


Preliminary Storyboarding

Rough storyboarding on Procreate

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 10.07.41 PM.png

Character Customization Page

On this panel, the child is able to customize their own character, one that will be featured throughout the different social situations. 


Login Page Design

Rough inVision mock-up

Rough inVision mock-up

Background visuals for app, currently coding on ReactNative. Projected completion by May 2019