Text Animation


text animation

The purpose of this project was to understand the foundations of a letter form and break it up into it's basic components. We then were to animate the object, in my case I chose to animate it in the motion of a wave. My letter was the Avenir "W."


W is for wave, the purpose of the assignment is to form cuts in the letter W in a way that the form of the letter is not obstructed. The W is meant to progress across the page in a motion. My motion was a wave crashing onto the shore.

process work capturing motion

sketchbook 2.jpeg

understanding the components of the letter form

With these sketches in my sketchbook, I was primarily experimenting with my understanding of the Avenir W and how I should break it up into its main components.

sketchbook 3.jpeg

understanding the wave's motion

I had difficulty making a rigid object move in a fluid motion, especially with the time constraint given, I could not use time as an indicator of a wave, so instead I had to experiment with the different placement of pieces.